Friday, October 30, 2009

Humor Spotlight of the Month

Over-and-out-sourcing, n. (1) flying a commercial passenger plane without responding to air traffic control; (2) automating the sourcing and procurement functions so that human intervention is required only for final vendor selection and signature of the agreement; (3) auto-pilot.

Sole-sourcing, n. (1) Non-competitive bidding process; (2) Renegotiation where the incumbent provider wins and the competitors are merely stalkingfish ; (3) a failed competitive sourcing, where one of the “final two” down-selected bidders withdraws.

Speed-sourcing, n. (1) a variation of global sourcing that involves excessive haste and concomitant regrets; (2) adrenalin-rush before closing a deal; (3) variation of pharm-sourcing

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